Rachel N. Throop headshot

Rachel N. Throop

Term Assistant Professor




703 Milstein Center
Tuesdays, 10:30am-12:30pm.


  • Articulations of race, class, and capital 
  • Politics and ethics of volunteerism 
  • Interrelationship between NGOs/non-profits, the state, and social policy
  • Urban education and educational privatization 
  • Ethnographic and qualitative research methodologies 

  • EDUC BC 1510: Educational Foundations
  • EDUC BC 3064: Critical Inquiry in Urban Teaching  

Throop, R. (2015, November). Undoing Injustice: Methodological Dilemmas in the Study of Social Class. Executive session paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Denver, CO.

Throop, R. (2015, February). Class Matters: Ethnography, Social Class, and the Teach For America Movement. Invited Lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Throop, R. (2014, November). Problematizing Border Pedagogies: Student Voice, Community Knowledge, and Privilege. Paper presented at the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) Conference, Tucson, AZ. 

Throop, R. (2013, March). Crafting Classed Selves: The Politics and Practices of Bodily Control in the Classroom. Paper presented at the Society for the Anthropology of North America Conference, Durham, North Carolina. 

Throop, R. (Accepted With Revisions).  ‘You do your work, I’ll do mine’: Social Class and the Limits of Identity-Centric Pedagogical Models. Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

Schultz, K. and Throop, R. (2010). Popular Culture and Education. In B. McGaw, P. Peterson and E. Baker (Eds.). The International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd Edition, Elsevier.

Schultz, K., Vasudevan, L., & Throop, R. (2007). Adolescent Literacy in a Global Society. In B. Guzzetti (Ed.), Literacy for the New Millennium: Adolescent Literacy (pp. 12-36). Portsmouth, NH: Greenwood.

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