Urban Studies - Urban Education Specialization

Urban Studies majors may select a specialization in Urban Education. This is a major, not a minor, offered through the Urban Studies Program in conjunction with the Education Program.

Urban Studies majors pursuing this specialization must meet with an Education Program faculty member for advising at the time of major declaration. We encourage you to plan ahead carefully if you wish to pursue this option. Please file a Declaration of Intent to Specialize in Education so that we can plan for your participation.

Note: If you wish to fulfill a requirement with a course not listed below, please fill out the Petition to Count a Course for an Education Requirement.

Urban Studies Major - Urban Education Specialization Course Requirements
A Educational Foundations
(1 required course)
EDUC BC1510 FA Educational Foundations
B Educational Electives
(2 courses; offerings may vary and
should be verified with department)
EDUC BC 3032 FA/SP Contemporary Issues in Education
EDUC BC 3040 SP Migration, Globalization, and Education
PHIL UN 2100 Philosophy of Education
SOCI UN 3225 Sociology of Education
ECON BC 3012 Economics of Education
C Field Studies
(1 course; 35 hours of
fieldwork required)
EDUC BC 3050 SP Science in the City I
EDUC BC 3052 FA Math and the City
EDUC BC 3055 SP Arts & Humanities in the City
EDUC BC 3058 FA Science in the City II
SOCI UN 3974 FA Sociology of Schools
D Capstone
(1 required course;
40 hours of
fieldwork required)
EDUC BC 3051 FA/SP Seminar in Urban Education
NOTE: Students who would like to major in Urban Studies AND obtain teacher certification must select another specialization for the major, since courses for certification and the Urban Teaching minor cannot be used towards the major.