Requirements for the Secondary/Adolescent Education Track

This program prepares students for New York State Initial Certificate in Adolescent Education (grades 7-12) in the fields of English, Foreign and Ancient Languages, Mathematics, the Sciences, and Social Studies.

Note: If you wish to fulfill a requirement with a course not listed below, please fill out the Petition to Count a Course for an Education Requirement.

Urban Teaching - Secondary/Adolescent Track Requirements
A Education Foundations
(1 course)
EDUC BC 1510 FA/SP                 Educational Foundations

(1 Course)

Not including Introduction to Psychology

PSYC BC 1107 Psychology of Learning
PSYC BC 1115 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC BC 1129 Developmental Psychology
PSYC BC 2134 Educational Psychology

PSYC BC 3382

Adolescent Psychology
PSYC UN 1420 Human Behavior
PSYC UN 1440 Learning and Motivation
C Pedagogical Elective
(1 course)
EDUC BC 3050 Science in the City I
EDUC BC 3052 Math and the City
EDUC BC 3055 Arts and Humanities in the City
EDUC BC 3058 Science in the City II

Pedagogical Core
(5 required courses)

EDUC BC 3025 Inclusive Approaches to K-12 Literacy: Theory and Practice
EDUC BC 3054 Multicultural Secondary Pedagogy
EDUC BC 3065 Secondary Student Teaching in Urban Schools
EDUC BC 3064 Critical Inquiry in Urban Teaching
EDUC BC 3061 Performance Assessment of Teaching
E Liberal Arts and Sciences See Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements on website for more information.
F Clinical Experiences Visit Clinical Experiences for Urban Teaching Students on our website for more information.
NOTE:  Courses taken for the Urban Teaching minor/special concentration may not be counted for the major or another minor/special concentration. For example, a student majoring in Sociology and including Sociology of Education for the major would enroll in another Educational Foundations course to complete the Urban Teaching requirements.


Adolescent Education students must also complete 36 credits in the content area (major or concentration) for which they seek certification. Students must earn a grade of C or better for each course taken in the content core.
English 36 credits in English.
Foreign Language 36 credits in French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, or Spanish.
Mathematics 36 credits in Mathematics.
Science 36 credits in science including 18 credits in the science (or each science) for which certification is sought: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Science only.
Social Studies 36 credits, including 6 credits of American History; 6 credits of European or World History; 3 credits of non-Western study; and an additional 21 credits, chosen from History, Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, and Economics.