Requirements for the Education Studies Minor/Special Concentration

To complete the Minor (BC) or Special Concentration (CC/GS) in Education Studies, students must complete 20-24 points of coursework, listed below. 

Students who have taken EDUC BC 3032 Contemporary Issues in Education by Fall 2016 do not need to enroll in EDUC BC 1510 Educational Foundations for the minor/special concentration.

Note: If you wish to fulfill a requirement with a course not listed below, please fill out the Petition to Count a Course for an Education Requirement.

Education Studies Track Requirements

Educational Foundations
(1 course)

EDUC BC 1510 FA/SP                                    

Educational Foundations (required)

B Educational Electives
(2 courses; 1 course must be an EDUC course)

EDUC BC 3032

Contemporary Issues in Education

EDUC BC 3040

Migration, Globalization, and Education

EDUC BC 3042

Gender, Sexuality, and Schooling
EDUC BC 3044 FA Education and Social Change in Comparative Global Contexts
EDUC BC 3045 FA Complicating Class: Education and the Limits of Equity

PHIL UN 2100

Philosophy of Education

SOCI UN 3225

Sociology of Education

SOCI UN 3974

Sociology of Schools

ECON BC 3012

Economics of Education

PSYC BC 2134

Educational Psychology


Interdisciplinary Elective
(1 course with advanced approval from Education adviser)

See list below for possible courses. Please complete the Interdisciplinary Elective Petition Form and schedule a meeting with either Professor Abu El-Haj or Professor Throop to get final approval.

Your final project or paper for the Interdisciplinary Elective course should focus on educational issues and a copy of the project or paper must be submitted to the Education Program Office for inclusion in your student file.


Pedagogical Elective
(1 course, including 35 fieldwork hours)

EDUC BC 3050

Science in the City I

EDUC BC 3052     

Math and the City

EDUC BC 3055

Arts & Humanities in the City

EDUC BC 3058

Science in the City II


(1 course, including at least 35 fieldwork hours) 


Seminar in Urban Education (taken in the fall or spring semester of your junior or senior year)

NOTE: Courses taken for the Education Studies minor/special concentration may not be counted for the major or another minor/special concentration. For example, a student majoring in Sociology and including Sociology of Education for the major would enroll in another Educational Foundations course to complete the Education Studies requirement. 


Courses that fulfill Requirement C - Interdisciplinary Elective

Africana Studies (Barnard)
AFRS BC3528 Harlem on My Mind: The Political Economy of Harlem
AFRS BC3020 Harlem Crossroads

American Studies
AMST UN3930 (Sec. 003) Topics in American Studies: Equity in American Higher Education
AMST UN3931 (Sec. 002) Topics in American Studies: Race, Poverty, and American Criminal Justice

ANTH UN3660 Gender, Culture, and Human Rights

Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race
CSER UN3928 Colonization/Decolonization

ECON BC3011 Inequality and Poverty
ECON GU4438 Economics of Race in the U.S.

History (Barnard)
HIST BC3408 Emerging Cities: 19th Century Urban History of the Americas and Europe
HIST BC4444 Freedom Dreams: Struggles for Justice in the U.S. and Beyond
HIST BC 4543 Higher Learning in America

Human Rights
HRTS UN3001 Introduction to Human Rights

Political Science
POLS UN3245 Race and Ethnicity In American Politics
POLS UN3313 American Urban Politics

Psychology (Barnard)
PSYC BC3363 Pedagogy for Higher Education in Psychology
PSYC BC 3382 Adolescent Psychology

SOCI UN2420 Race and Place in Urban America
SOCI UN3217 Law and Society
SOCI UN3235 Social Movements: Collective Action
SOCI UN3302 Sociology of Gender
SOCI BC3913 Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Law and Society
SOCI UN3923 Adolescent Society

Urban Studies (Barnard)
URBS UN3420 Introduction to Urban Sociology

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Barnard)
WMST BC3131 Women and Science