Congratulations to Vanessa D’Egidio, (Education Program Alumna BC ’08) on her selection to the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board!

Vanessa D'Egidio has been appointed to the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board. She was chosen out of more than 500 applications from outstanding multicultural educators across the country because her “enthusiasm and experience stood out” and they appreciated her “dedication to creating inclusive schools for all.”

As an advisory board member, Vanessa will give advice on classroom activities and offer input on professional development materials and content for Teaching Tolerance magazine. During the year, she will be asked to evaluate story ideas and lessons, comment on published articles and review projects in development. Once a year, she will join other advisory board members for a meeting in Montgomery, Alabama.


Torch Bearer's Reception 2010


Phi Beta Kappa

Education student Veronica Szczygiel inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society:

The Kossoff Prize

The Kossoff Prize is awarded annually to the student who has made the most noteworthy contribution or meaningful endeavor in childhood education. Recent recipients: 

  • 2014: Sarah Przedborski(Left) 

  • 2013: Asma Begum

  • 2012: No Prize
  • 2011: No Prize
  • 2010: Amanda MacLellan

  • 2009: Vanessa Johnson
  • 2008: Kathy Dubowski
  • 2007: Jessica Robertson
  • 2006: Josephine Kim, Ayelet Borenstein
  • 2005: Gemma Ferguson, Jessica Rowe, Jennifer Viola
  • 2004: Mansi Vasa
  • 2003: Eliza Bang and Pauline Alfred

The 50th Anniversary/Sacks Prize

The 50th Anniversary Prize, established in 2002, is awarded to an outstanding student teacher in adolescent education. Recent recipients: 

  • 2014 Kassidy Meck(Right)

  • 2012: Amanda Torres and Hannah Goodman

  • 2011: Denise Urena

  • 2010: Ilana Arje and Veronica Szczygiel

  • 2009: Payal Kapadia
  • 2008: Ybelka Medina
  • 2007: Brett Murphy
  • 2006: Anna Posner and Kelly Gavin (CC)
  • 2005: Zoe Duskin, Heather Verstaendig Kagedan, Allison Roseman Goldstein, and Rebecca Ruben-Schlansky.
  • 2004: Danielle Sussan and Joanna Yip
  • 2003: Eve Axelrod

Lucyle Hook Travel Grant

Barnard seniors seeking funding for travel and other research expenses related to their senior project can apply to the Committee on Honors for the Lucyle Hook Travel Grant. These expenses may be incurred during the summer prior to the senior year as well as during the senior year. The senior should submit a full description of her essay or project with a detailed estimate of expenses, along with a letter of recommendation from her senior essay or project advisor, to the attention of Dean Karen Blank. The nomination deadline usually is around November 10. About $2,000 is available each year, with most grants in the $200-$300 range.

Please be sure also to visit the Fellowship Opportunities page on the Dean of Studies' web site.