Urban Teaching

Reflecting the diversity of academic knowledge and methods relevant to teaching, The Urban Teaching Track combines courses and faculty from several departments to prepare students for NYS Teacher Certification in either Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) or Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12).

The Program does not constitute a major but offers students the option to study jointly in education and another related discipline major. For BC students, this track is a minor in Urban Teaching, and for GS and CC it is a Special Concentration in Urban Teaching.

To participate in the Urban Teaching Track and be eligible for certification, students must apply to the program and be accepted.

Coursework includes: psychology courses, educational foundations courses, pedagogical courses (Methods of Teaching; EDUC BC3064 Senior Seminar in Issues in Urban Teaching), and field-based internships (EDUC BC2055 Urban School Practicum; EDUC BC3063 Student Teaching in Urban Schools), in which students are placed with experienced teachers in New York City public schools during their junior and senior years.

The culminating experience is student teaching in a New York City public school classroom for a full semester during senior year. Concurrently, students enroll in EDUC BC3063 Student Teaching in Urban Schools and EDUC BC3064 Senior Seminar in Issues in Urban Teaching, a course that focuses on the issues, opportunities and challenges of teaching in urban classrooms. Note: Only one other course may be taken concurrently with student teaching and the seminar and Incompletes on a student's record must be finished before student teaching.

A Note About Grades: For certification in New York State, undergraduates must pass all courses counting toward certification with a letter grade of C or better, and will not recognize a course taken with the Pass/D/Fail option. It is the policy of the Education Program to only recommend.